From Bench to Scale: Data Science-Powered Design

Enabling Technology and Opportunity

The enabling technology behind all Galenvs products is our patented machine learning and simulation platform, the industry’s only platform that predicts optimized reagents by yielding casual insights of ideal formulation parameters. We believe the biggest opportunity to address inefficiencies in research and clinical labs is by utilizing computational modeling systems to optimize biomedical products, creating turn-key platforms and tools.

Data and Predictive Modeling

To create superior products, Galenvs employs Machine Learning training sets for variables affecting magnetic nanoparticles, buffers, and reagents. Both in-house and private data are combined to build models that reveal optimized formulations. Our proprietary AI-driven system actively learns best practice from vast repositories of research data, predicting optimal formulations in a fast and accurate manner.

Development and Synthesis

Our knowledge-driven system designs hundreds of novel formulations, selecting the best for synthesis and assay. We’ve created computational models for nucleic acid extraction and magnetic nanoparticle development, initiating discovery in areas like blood, bacteria, soil, and clinical samples. Out of this pool, we have dozens of kits under active development and progressing to market.

Speed, Efficiency, and Exceptional Productivity

Our non-traditional AI-driven approach speeds the process by months, increasing efficiency dramatically. Rapid design-test-make cycles ensure unparalleled progress towards project goals. Our system has already delivered exceptional productivity, generating successful formulations in roughly one-quarter of the time of traditional approaches.

From Insight to Implementation

Our unique, AI-driven process doesn’t just end at discovery. It’s the beginning of realizing endless possibilities. Our streamlined approach from lab bench to manufacturing scale translates into a multitude of applications and services. From research & design to development, scale-up, bio manufacturing, and validation, our multidisciplinary nature means we can tailor solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our Collaborative Spirit

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation. Our process is augmented by our invaluable partnerships, uniting diverse expertise and shared visions. These collaborations range from academic and governmental alliances to co-development projects, reflecting our commitment to creating a healthier world together.