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Universal Pathogen Detection

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The Galenvs magnetiQ Universal Pathogen DNA/RNA Extraction Kit is designed to simplify the extraction of pathogenic DNA and RNA from a variety of bio-veterinary sample types– in only 5 steps, without the need for heating, centrifugation, vortexing or enzymatic/mechanical digestion. Using buffers and magnetic beads that were optimized to capture DNA and RNA, users can obtain a purified product in under 20 minutes.

  • Extract up to 96 samples in just 20 minutes!
  • Fast protocol with high purity
  • Compatible with Kingfisher Flex, Apex, and many more.
A diagram of the DNA/RNA extraction process in five steps.

Cut Your Animal Workflow Time in Half

Universal Pathogen Extraction Kit

The Universal Pathogen kit optimizes DNA/RNA extraction from complex sample matrices, such as oral fluids, milk, and feces.

  • Optimized for Animal Samples
  • High DNA/RNA Recovery
  • Manual or Prefilled Automated Plate Options
  • Compatible with All Open Systems

The magnetic beads used in the lysis buffer were developed to bind to DNA/RNA of different sizes with high specificity, without the use of proteinase K and Carrier RNA. This eliminates the need for any centrifugation step, filters, requires a minimal amount of collection tubes and can be easily applied to high throughput applications.

  • Manual: 50 or 200 assays
  • 16 preps ready-to-use prefilled plates
  • 96 preps ready-to-use prefilled plates
A photo of a DNA/RNA extraction plate.
A photo of a DNA/RNA extraction kit.