Primers & Probes

Primers & Probes

Primers & Probes for Diagnostics and Research

Explore a diverse array of primers and probes, crafted to meet the demanding needs of laboratories in human diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, environmental surveillance, food, and agricultural labs. From high sensitivity to broad applicability, our primers and probes offer unparalleled performance across various applications.


Our primers are designed for excellence in amplification, providing accuracy and consistency across various laboratory tasks. Whether for PCR, qPCR, or other amplification methods, our primers offer a robust solution for both standard and specialized applications.


Our probes provide specificity and sensitivity, suitable for complex assays and precise detection tasks. From hydrolysis probes to molecular beacons, we offer a wide array of probes to suit different experimental needs.

Quality Commitment

With a strong commitment to quality, our primers and probes undergo rigorous quality control to ensure optimal performance. Benefit from products that are PAGE or HPLC purified with over 90% full-length product and QC by Mass Spectrometry.

Looking for custom primers and probes? Need guidance on selecting the right products for your lab’s unique needs? Reach out to our expert team, and we’ll help you find the perfect solution tailored to your applications.

Sample Preparation Kits

The accuracy and yield of sample preparation are paramount. Galenvs’ extraction kits are designed for complex matrices and applications in human diagnostics, veterinary diagnostics, environmental monitoring, food, and agriculture, providing reliable and efficient DNA/RNA extraction. Paired with our primers and probes, Galenvs’ extraction kits are an integral part of ensuring accurate detection.


In the precise world of molecular diagnostics and research, complementing your primers and probes with reliable positive controls is crucial. These controls act as a benchmark, allowing you to detect any variations or anomalies that may arise during your tests. 

Speak with us about [Positive Controls] to integrate the best standardization tools into your laboratory practices, enhancing the integrity and reproducibility of your results.