The miQron Automated System

A complete plug & play solution

The miQron nucleic acid purification instrument is the automated extraction and purification system for DNA, RNA, proteins and cells. It can absorb, transfer and release magnetic beads with a magnetic rod and magnetic rod tip to separate magnetic beads and samples.

The operation is automatic, fast and simple. Users can extract 1~16 samples with plug & play prefilled reagent plate formats. Extract animal/plant tissue, blood and body fluids, and other sample types with real-time view of the running log.


Simple and intelligent

  • Pre-loaded programs for  one-button touch activation.
  • Built-in lighting LED, real-time view of the operating status of the instrument.
  • Graphical interface design makes for easy system operation.

Field experiment-ready

  • Light (7 kgs), small, and portable.
  • Battery operated option for low power consumption mode.
  • External power supply, DC24V/5A, allowing battery power supply.

High-quality & fast extraction

  • Up to 16 samples can be processed simultaneously.
  • Lead screw drive for lift and high precision.
  • UV sterilization function to reduce sample contamination between batches.

Flexible & powerful

  • Accurate temperature control +5℃~120℃.
  • Complete software functions, suitable for all magnetiQ reagents.
  • Bar code scanning gun included for expanded sample information input.


Automated 1-16 sample extraction in as fast as 18 minutes.
Integrated heating function for pyrolysis and elution heating.
Low noise and no vibration during operation.

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