Plasmid Preparation

Plasmid Preparation

Plasmid Preparation Services: Customized Genetic Engineering

Plasmids are versatile and flexible molecular tools routinely used in genetic engineering with a wide range of research applications. Plasmid constructs are used as vectors that allow the insertion of foreign DNA or a gene of interest to alter gene expression in target cell lines. We offer high-quality plasmid DNA preparation services for genomics and drug discovery research. We provide standard and customized plasmid prep services suitable for all your research needs, customized for size, copy number, stability, and host compatibility.

Plasmid Solutions:

Cloning Plasmids

Used for cloning of DNA fragments typically comprise an antibiotic resistance gene, origin of replication, and multiple cloning site (MCS). They’re typically used for positive controls, PCR, and molecular assays.

Expression Plasmids

Ideal for gene expression experiments in mammalian, yeast, or bacterial cells, and contain a promoter sequence, a transcription terminator sequence, and the inserted gene sequence.

DNA Template Plasmids

Nucleic acid template for mRNA and other vaccine production (viral-like particles VLPs, lentiviral, retroviral, or adenoviral).

Reporter Plasmids

They express a reporter gene to track cell activity or for use as positive controls.


The purity and quality of plasmids directly translate to the efficiency and performance of your experiments. Galenvs is committed to providing high-quality plasmid DNA to suit your research requirements. Our facilities follow stringent quality-controlled processes for plasmid DNA synthesis, extraction, purification, and validation. The integrity of the plasmids is validated before shipping.

  • Transfection Ready
    High-purity plasmid DNA that is ideal for the transfection of mammalian cell lines sensitive to endotoxins. These plasmids can ensure high transfection efficiency and low toxicity.
  • HT & Preclinical Grade Plasmids
    Highly homogenous plasmids with high transfection efficiency and sequence accuracy. Additional QC measures for pre-clinical grade plasmids to ensure negligible endotoxin levels (<0.01EU/ug) and residual host DNA or protein.
  • Scalability
    We offer a production capacity of up to 50 mg of plasmids, catering to small and large-scale laboratories. Technical Expertise: Our expert team can help you choose the right plasmid vector for your assay and provide guidance on maintaining plasmid stocks.

The integrity of our plasmids reflects our commitment to excellence. With our state-of-the-art laboratory facility, we follow stringent quality-controlled processes for plasmid synthesis, extraction, purification, and validation.

Your Project is Unique

Our specialized plasmid preparation services offer the flexibility, quality, and precision you need to drive your research forward.

Whether it’s vector design, custom cloning, high-grade purity, or scalable production volumes, our dedicated team is here to assist you, ensuring efficiency, reproducibility, and innovation every step of the way.