Building Bridges: Partnerships, Collaborations, Distinctions

At Galenvs, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and excellence. Our work with leading institutions and organizations highlights our commitment to advancing life sciences through impactful relationships and achievements.

Facility for Electron Microscopy

Focus: Cutting-edge microscopy facilities.

Impact: Enhanced nanomaterial characterization and bio-manufacturing insights.

McGill University – Sleiman Lab

Focus: Aptamer-based discovery of diagnostic and therapeutic biomarkers combining nanoparticles and oligomer-based DNA encoded libraries.
Impact: Facilitates the identification of novel biomarkers for diagnostics and therapeutics.

Public Health Agency of Canada

Focus: Wastewater surveillance for public health.

Impact: Early detection and mitigation of health risks.


Focus: Manufacture & distribution of diagnostic extraction kits.

Impact: Extends reach, enhances product line, and promotes precision solutions.

Millipore Sigma Aldrich

Focus: Development of purification buffer systems for diagnostic workflows.
Impact: Enhances the efficiency and specificity of diagnostic procedures.

Deep Sky

Focus: Genetically engineered enzymes for CO2 sequestration through directed evolution screening.
Impact: Advances sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change.

I+P Partnership Program – NGS Discovery of Antimicrobial Resistance

Focus: Next-Generation Sequencing technologies for the discovery of antimicrobial resistance.
Impact: Contributes to the understanding and potential mitigation of antimicrobial resistance.

Guelph University

Focus: Research on magnetic nanoparticles for extracellular vesicle purification.
Impact: Improves methods for biomarker discovery and therapeutic applications.

Ministère de l’Économie, de l’Innovation et de l’Énergie

Focus: Development of magnetic nanoparticle molecular barcoding and diagnostics platforms using isothermal PCR methods.
Impact: Advances the field of molecular diagnostics by enabling faster and more accurate testing methods.

NSERC Alliance – Concordia University

Focus: Development of Metal Organic Frameworks for environmental monitoring applications.
Impact: Enhances the capability for detecting and analyzing environmental contaminants, contributing to more sustainable practices.

I+P Partnership Program – Molecular-Based Point of Care Development

Focus: Development of point-of-care testing platforms based on molecular diagnostics.
Impact: Enables rapid and precise medical diagnostics for timely treatment.

ISC Innovative Solutions Canada – Magnetic RNA Challenge

Focus: Development of magnetic-based RNA extraction technologies.
Impact: Accelerates the isolation and detection of RNA molecules, advancing both research and clinical diagnostics.

ISC Innovative Solutions Canada – Point of Care for Bacterial/Viral Discrimination

Focus: Development of point-of-care diagnostic methods for discriminating between bacterial and viral infections while detecting antimicrobial resistance.
Impact: Enables quicker and more accurate medical decisions, potentially reducing the overuse of antibiotics.


Focus: Interdisciplinary research across multiple university partners.

Impact: Accelerated development in healthcare, environmental monitoring, and agriculture. Examples include:
– Development of a Nanoparticle Platform for Cell-Free Protein Engineering.
– Synthesis and Functionalization Method of
Magnetic Nanoparticles for Nucleic Acid Extraction/Purification Optimized by Machine Learning.
– Nanotechnology Based Point of Care Using Isothermal PCR (LAMP and RCA).

Concordia University – Howarth Lab

Focus: Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) integrating magnetic nanoparticles for environmental DNA purification.
Impact: Advances environmental monitoring through improved DNA purification methods.

McGill University – Kakar Lab

Focus: Multifunctional block copolymers for magnetic nanoparticle nucleic acid purification.
Impact: Innovates nucleic acid purification processes by integrating advanced materials.

Institut national de la recherche scientifique – Perrault Lab

Focus: Non-enzymatic amplification for Point of Care diagnostics using Oligo Toeholds.
Impact: Enhances Point of Care diagnostics by reducing the need for enzymatic processes.

McGill University – McKeague Lab

Focus: Functionalized magnetic nanomaterials for antibody and aptamer-based CAR-T cell purification.
Impact: Streamlines the production of CAR-T cells, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of cancer therapies.

From Collaboration to Realization

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