Top 5 Essential Software Apps for Scientific Research Labs

Top 5 Essential Software Apps for Scientific Research Labs

When working in a lab, the experience of tracking inventory can range from difficult to dull. Spending time looking for useful resources can be time-consuming, and many other tasks that can be streamlined. The following is a list of applications that streamline operations at Galenvs Lab and help us save time to focus on more critical tasks: biotech research!

1 Quartzy

An online cloud-based system, Quartzy gives you the option to either send requests within the lab, use the online shop, manage your inventory, or all of the above! This platform allows you to have a streamlined communication between the lab manager and researchers to request more lab supplies and be specific about the type, quantity, or details. Quartzy also allows for lab members to add all the supplies into the system and update the amount on the go. As for the online shop, if you order through them, they offer a selection of over 8 million products, and the average lab saves about 20% on costs. With orders processed through Quartzy, it automatically adds your products to your inventory, so there is no worrying about the stock. In addition, Quartzy is entirely free!

2 ResearchGate

This application was created by ResearchGate to allow people to use the platform through their mobile devices. It is available on IOS and Android devices and free to download. All the flagship website features are available on the app, and you’re able to easily connect with researchers worldwide. Also, you can message the researchers and are able to ask them questions based on their papers. With this app, you’re able to get updates on researcher contacts or subject and receive notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

3 Slack

This platform is to enable teams to connect and share content easily. Some of the features of Slack is organized conversations, searchable history, shared channels with companies / businesses, voice / video calls, integrated file sharing, amongst many others. Slack integrates with over 1,500 apps such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SalesForce. Slack extremely popular; used by many businesses and is renowned for streamlining project workflows in an easy, user-friendly platform. Slack is free to use but does have different monthly plans offering more features. These plans start at US $6.67 per month, and it is available online and on iOS or Android devices.

4 Solution Calculator Pro

Available on Android for CA $2.59, this calculator app is specifically designed for biology, chemistry, and biochemistry fields. This tool is excellent for researchers and students alike. The app has three primary functions: molecular weight calculator, convenient calculator for solutions, and periodic element table. This app is a staple for any scientific researcher.

5 Evernote

This platform is available online, iOS devices, or Android devices and is free to download / signup. Evernote is a virtual notebook, where you can take notes, photos, calculations, etc. Some of the features that are offered are web clipper, search handwriting, templates, document scanning, note syncing, doc search, note to pdf, integration, spaces, and tagging. Access your notes anywhere and share them with lab members, keeping notes organized and accessible for team collaboration. Evernote’s business subscription starts at US $14.99/user/month.