Soil DNA Extraction Kit

PCR Clean Up Kit
For Research Use Only.
  • Short and scalable protocol
  • Rapid and cost-effective extractions
  • Faster and simpler magnetic collection and resuspension steps
  • Eliminates organic solvent hazardous waste
  • Automatable on open systems

Available in a range of formats designed to meet different sample sizes and throughput needs and designed for both manual and fully automated platforms.

Soil DNA Extraction Plate Image

The magnetiQ Soil DNA Extraction Kit enables a rapid and straightforward nucleic acid isolation method from various soil sample matrices, including topsoil, sand, compost, and manure. DNA extraction and purification from soil is completed within 20 minutes.

Achieve highly efficient capture/elution of nucleic acids yielding purified solutions with minimal protein and salt contamination for downstream applications such as qPCR and sequencing.

  Soil Extraction

The magnetiQ Soil DNA Extraction Kit performs better than widely used industry-leading kits. A high quantity of DNA is extracted from various microorganisms found in soil, including bacteria, fungi, algae, etc., resulting in lower CT values.

The magnetiQ Soil DNA Extraction Kit also produces high-quality DNA, eliminating PCR inhibitors from up to 250g of soil sample.

Soil DNA Extraction

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  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • PCR and qPCR gene amplification
  • Southern Blot


  • Amenable to high-throughput methods, including automation
  • Faster and simpler magnetic collection and resuspension steps
  • Eliminates organic solvent hazardous waste

  Soil Extraction DNA

Contains optimized buffers for DNA binding, washing, and elution developed with Galenvs’ functionalized magnetic beads and optimized with machine-learning approaches for protocol development and reagent formulation.

Sample TypeTopsoil, Sand, Manure, and Compost
FormatsManual: 50 preps
Prefilled plates: 16 preps
Elution Volume10o µL 
DNA Recovered>99%
Processing ModeManual/Automated
Throughput1-50 samples per run
Binding TechnologyMagnetic beads
Binding CapacityScalable
Components(i) Lysis Buffer
(ii) Inhibitor’s Removal
(iii) Binding Buffer
(iv) Wash Buffer #1
(v) Wash buffer #2
(vi) Elution Buffer 
StorageRoom temperature
Kit SizeProduct Code
50 prepsSD0050
Prefilled plates 16-wellSD0016