Viral RNA Extraction

For Research use and Diagnostic procedures.
Authorized for diagnostic use (IVDD) for COVID-19 by Health Canada.
  • High viral RNA recovery and quality of varying sizes
  • Short and scalable protocol
  • Rapid and cost-effective extractions
  • Non-toxic chemicals
  • Automatable on open systems

Available in a range of formats designed to meet different sample size and throughput needs and designed for both manual and fully automated protocols.

The magnetiQ Viral RNA Extraction Kit enables a rapid and efficient method of extraction and purification of viral RNA. Purification of viral RNA is achieved through magnetic bead-based capture and subsequent elution into clean buffer.

One-step magnetic bead-based extraction and purification of viral RNA under 15 minutes from:

  • Swab solutions (viral transport medium – VTM, and inactivation transport medium – ITM)
  • Serum/plasma
  • Saliva samples
  • Cell-free body fluids
  • Complex matrices such as blood, sputum, or stool

The magnetiQ Viral RNA Extraction Kit purification procedure is designed to ensure safe and reproducible handling of potentially infectious samples. Obtain purified and high concentrations of RNA free of debris, salt, lipid and protein contamination.


 Viral RNA Extraction

The magnetiQ Viral RNA Extraction Kit alleviates the need for centrifugation steps and separate collection tubes – in contrast to standard column-based kits. The magnetiQ Viral RNA Extraction capture efficiency is >99% of viral RNA. The purified sample can be concentrated in volumes as low as 25 μL, compared to column-based kits which often necessitate larger elution volumes. The magnetiQ Viral RNA Extraction Kit performance demonstrates high purification efficacy at various fragment sizes. Sample processing is completed in less than 15 minutes, yielding high purity and efficient recovery of viral RNA.

Comparison—magnetiQ_Thermofisher MagMax KingFisher 


  • Diagnostics (IVDD) of COVID-19 in clinical laboratories for the isolation and recovery of SARS-CoV-2 RNA from patient samples
  • Quantification via Reverse Transcriptase qPCR (RT-qPCR).
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Genomic DNA library preparation
  • Copy number variation (CNV) studies


  • Amenable to high-throughput methods, including automation
  • Faster and simpler magnetic collection and resuspension steps
  • Reduces concern for clogging.
  • Eliminates need for proteinase K treatment of swab samples
  • Eliminates centrifugation steps associated with spin-column based viral extraction kits

 Viral RNA Extraction

The magnetiQ Viral RNA Extraction Kit contains optimized buffers for viral RNA capture and purification developed with Galenvs’ functionalised magnetic beads and optimized with machine-learning approaches for protocol development and reagent formulation.

Sample Type Swab, Saliva, Serum/Plasma, and Various transport media such as Universal Viral Transport medium (VTM), Inactive Transport Medium (ITM), and Eswab preservative fluid
Quantity 100 or 250 assays (Other formats available)
Elution Volume 25 µL or above
DNA recovered 99%
Processing Mode Automated; Manual. Compatible with 96-well plates.
Throughput 100-250 samples per run
Binding Technology Magnetic beads
Binding Capacity Scalable
Components (i) Viral Lysis/Binding Buffer
(ii) Wash Buffer #1
(iii) Wash Buffer #2
(iv) Elution Buffer
(v) RNA Carrier
Storage Room temperature